B. Get Light - Myndful Journaling by Shauna VanBogart

B. Get Light - Myndful Journaling

What's included?

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Start Here
4 mins
Getting Clarity
Trigger Simulation #1 - Get Clear on Your Fear/Abundance Weak Points
57 mins
Trigger Simulation #2 - Money Mindset & Scarcity Thinking
57 mins
3-Sentence Journaling Hack
48 mins
Guided Journaling Processes
3/3/3 Daily Practice
10 mins
Clearing Limitations & Receiving Effortlessly
31 mins
Anger - Releasing it Through Writing & Productive Venting
21 mins
Feeling Threatened by the Success of Others & Leveraging it for Clarity
56 mins
Automatic Writing - Tips for Dropping into a Writing Flow
47 mins
Journal Prompts
Black & White Thinking
Changing/Transforming Your Life
Connecting with Your Inner Child
Discerning Mind from Heart
End of Year Clarity
Entering Sales Conversations with Openness & Confidence
Feeling Lost In What to Do
Getting to the Heart of What Your Dreams Mean
Getting Unstuck
Jealousy & Envy
Managing Disappointment
Managing Negative Feelings
Mind of Your Ideal Client
Not Hitting Revenue Goals
Raising Your Prices
Release & Let Go
Shifting Habits
Time Off Without Guilt