G. Live Streams Archives by Shauna VanBogart

G. Live Streams Archives

Twice a month, Shauna dives deep into a variety of topics to keep you in your 2.0 self. These chats are held live on Facebook and the recordings are housed in your dashboard.

What's included?

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3-Sentence Journaling Hack
58 mins
5 Yes Triggers
59 mins
8 Guidelines for Running an Intuitive Business
59 mins
12 Mindful Mantras The Get Results, Part 1
54 mins
12 Mindful Mantras That Get Results, Part 2
48 mins
Automatic Writing - Channeled Thoughts on Law of Attraction
54 mins
Becoming Better Supporters for Anti-Racism
(1h 08m 14s)
Connecting During COVID-19
55 mins
Answers to your Common Questions
50 mins
Internalizing Success: Failure is a Fluke!
56 mins
Internalizing Success: Failure is a Fluke! Pt 2
53 mins
Feeling Threatened By The Success of Others & Leveraging It For Clarity
(1h 01m 03s)
Law of Attraction & Money
(1h 07m 10s)
Mindset & Positioning Strategy for Your Business
50 mins
"Normalizing" Abundance
52 mins
Planning for Enjoyable Days
(1h 01m 35s)
Power Dynamics
(1h 04m 22s)
Release Ritual, Part 1
53 mins
Release Ritual, Part 2
(1h 07m 56s)
19 mins
Setting Intentions + Planning Backwards
50 mins
Stepping into Acceptance: Releasing Intense Emotions + guided hypnosis
48 mins
Stress Triggers & Responses Video
50 mins
"Topic-less" Discussion - Self-worth & Confidence and Control
(1h 00m 15s)
Trigger Simulation
60 mins
VBR & Relationships
(1h 20m 59s)
Vision Clarifying
(1h 02m 13s)
Inner Child Workshop, Part 5
59 mins